Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Of Names once again

Some parents just hate their kids. Their hatred is clearly evident the moment they name their kids,

Consider this : "Lovelykrishna"

Yes. That really is the name of a guy. Boy, did his parents make sure he never gets a girlfriend.

Which girl in her sane mind would say "Hi friends, meet my boyfriend Lovely. Isn't he lovely?"


It looks like the United Nations has had its bad share of names too. Consider the past few Secretary Generals:

1) Kofi Annan - I could do with some Kofi right now
2) Butros Butros Gaali -Does Butros mean "My name sucks"?
3) U Thant - His dad wanted to name him "Hugh Grant" , but ended up sneezing at the wrong time. And meet Mr. General Secretary, instead of a Hollywood hottie.

Keeping up with the tradition of bad names comes our latest UN Secretary General:

4) Ban Ki-Moon - Any takers for this one?

Oh boy! Lovelykrishna is surely a candidate in running for the UN General Secretary. He has one qualification I can see that makes him a good fit.

Cricket authorities have a great sense of humour too. Check out some of the players:

1) Chaminda Vaas - They selected him so they could say "Chaminda Vaas selected" . He vaas quite angry the newspapers printed it that way. He said "I vaas quite pissed. This vaas not what I expect from the newspapers"

Hmm...its ok Vaas, this vaas not meant to happen on purpose.

2) Mahendra Veeren Nagamootoo - Yes. He is our dear Thirunalveli Nagamuthu Shastri's long lost cousin.

3) Dwayne Bravo - I can understand when parents want to praise their kids. But our DJ's parents were so full of praise for their boy, they decided that anyone who calls him has to praise him.

I guess Lovelykrishna would also make a good cricketer going by the list of people selected. I can see one very good reason!