Monday, August 09, 2004

Top 10 things to do when you are bored

Here's an attempt to do something when you are bored. Hope this is useful:

10) Go to sleep. Believe me, the best time killer in the world is nothing but sleep. A good sleep can easily kill time and also rejuvenate you to do something better later on. But the thing is, if you have nothing to do even after you wake up, then I dont know why you woke up so soon in the first place. Sleep until you got something to do

9) TV: Watch any one of the following channels depending upon your mood:

i) Discovery channel : If you get a feeling everyone knows something more than you do about the world. Don't watch it if that is not the case. Never.Ever. Don't watch this channel because your dad asked you to. He does not watch it himself.
ii) Star World: If "Friends" is going on, then this is a must watch. Kills your time off easily. You dont know where the half hour flew. Otherwise, people who want to do some birdwatching and are lazy to go and watch it in the real world, can wait for Baywatchers and VIPs.
iii) Star Sports : Huh? I was lazy to play, so I want to see someone else play.
iV) Ftv/Trendz : Won't they ever get tired to walk down that aisle a million times a day.. Do they show anything else other than semi clad women walking up and down all day? A good channel to watch in between advertisements maybe, but can't spend more than 5 continuous minutes on the same.
v) CNBC : Recently started to trade online. So I am watching this. Good to pick some stock tips

8) Irritate the colleague you hate:

This is probably the best pass-time.

How to do it?

Ask him how he performed in the interview which he attended in the new company before other colleagues (would work best if his manager is around)

7) Email

Reading junk mail which you would never have read had you been busy in the first place.

6) Irritate Call Center/Bank People

How many times have you put the phone down saying "I am not interested in a bank loan". Well it is time you had your revenge. The next time someone calls you up, note down that number. You call them up instead and ask them if they are interested in a bank loan. is that for a revenge...

5) Handling Jemailers (J for Junk)

How you wished you could get back at people who sent you huge attachments. Well, heres what you do, put them in your email forward list titled "People I hate". Send out all those 3 MB + sized emails to this group. Do it 3-4 times a day. In case you know something about email protocols and stuff, send it from an anonymous id, so they dont know who is bugging them. Still better would be to write a java code which runs everyday and sends about 10-100 mails (randomly chosen from a directory) to these people.

4) Computer Games:

Those who are yet to start gaming, do it now. It is not late, there is still time for you to improve. Those who are already avid gamers, might I suggest Real Time Strategy?

3) Girls

Nice pass time. In fact I would rate this one as 9/10 as far as pass time is concerned. Those who dont have any links, go get one fast. Those who are too shy to do it, I can only give u 9 things to do when you are bored. Sorry bout that.

2) Music

I am fast running out of ideas of what to do when you are bored. So just go listen to some music and follow step 10 (going to sleep) of this article.

1) Blog

Blog...or read my blog.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"I Intend to live forever - So far so good"

This is one thing that has always been intriguing for me as far as human lives are concerned. People seem to bother more about what will happen to them in the...should I call it "After life" than in the "Present life". There are a various flavours in which they come:

1) "If I donot do this, will I be born as an insect in my next life?"
1) "If I do this, then what shall become of me during Judgement day?"
1) "Is there something called as hell where some i-have-nothing-else-to-do-but-fry-you guy sits all day with a cauldron full of cooking oil, waiting to fry me once I die?"

Let me share with you a conversation I had a few days ago with someone interesting

Me: "In case you donot live forever, bother about it after you ACTUALLY die. How about something more constructive for now, like not letting others die?"

Him : "But When I do die, who will tell me what to do? Right now I listen to you, but who will be there later on?"

Me: "Hellooooo, is somebody listening to me? I just said that you wont die. So just quit asking that question please"

Him: "But what if..."

Me: "Shush...shush... No more. I wont have any more of your drivel"

Him: "But I can see that a lot of people are dying around me. So I am pretty sure that I will die"

Me: "Pretty Sure? How can you be pretty sure of something. Have you seen yourself die? If not have you heard that you have died? Have you fealt death? All these years all you have felt was that you were alive. So what if you see someone die? How do you know what he is doing? Huh? How do you know if you yourself, if you pack this stupid idea of dying, get to some more constructive work and find something that will prevent you from dying? Huh? How do you know for that matter, that there is such a thing called as death, and all the people around you are acting as if they are dead, while they just want to see how you react to it?
Me: Let us see once we die what we are going to do about it. Consider this, supposing there is something called as the "Live Land" and something called as the "Dead Land". Now, we are presently in the "Live Land". Once we die here, we go to the "Dead Land" (wherever it is, if at all it is). And once we die there we come here. Just assume for now that this is true. (We never really know what is true and what is not, and as long as you cannot Prove that I am wrong, you have no choice but to listen to my story as well). Now, don't you think it would be Utterly foolish if we were to sit in the "Dead Land" and wonder what we would be doing in the "Live Land" once we die there? We know what we do in "Live Land" don't we? That is for us to sort out when we are in the "Live Land". Similarly, what we do in the "Dead Land" is for us to sort out once we go there. So for now, just get back to your work and don't waste time on thinking what Might happen to you. Rather Make things happen for you.


I am a Believer/Follower of the following Sanskrit Quote:

"Yukti Yuktam Vacho Grahyam, Baladhapi Shukadhapi    
Yukti Heenam Vachasthyajyam, Vrudhdhadhapi Shukadhapi "

(Forgive me if you donot know Sanskrit. Neither Do I. But this was one beauty I could not pass up. You want to know what it means ??? Read on...)

Essence : Anything if told(Vachaha) with(Yuktam) proper reasoning (Yukti), even if the speaker is a small child(Balaha) or a parrot(Shukaha), should be accepted/ingratiated (Grahyam). At the same time, anything if told without sound reasoning, must be abandoned(thyajyam), even if given by an old man(Vrudhaha) or by the Great Sage Shuka (Supposed to be a very wise man in Hindu Myth with the face of a parrot).